Inon launches X-2 housing for Canon EOS R5

2021-11-12 11:16:27 By : Ms. Amber Yu

Inon announced a new case for its Canon EOS R5. The "X-2" shell is made of lightweight aluminum, and comes with a tray, handle and quick-installation bracket. Ingeniously, the quick installation of accessories allows you to easily switch between horizontal and vertical shooting directions.

The housing comes with an integrated battery-powered TTL converter, calibrated for use with Inon flashes, which allows manual control of flash power from the camera. If your flash can keep up, the converter supports high-speed continuous shooting up to 12fps.

The housing is used in conjunction with Inon's second-generation MRS (Magnetic Rotation System) port, where manual focus is controlled by a magnetic ring on the lens, which is connected to the magnetic control ring on the port instead of a mechanical gear. This is good for macro shooting, especially when used in conjunction with the R5's focus peaking function. Like the X-2 case of other cameras, this case has a built-in leak alarm and is compatible with Inon's right-angle and oblique-angle viewfinders.

Shipped in November, and you can book a house now. Please contact your nearest Inon dealer for pricing information.  

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New INON case for Canon EOS R5

We are happy to announce a new case for Canon EOS R5. The detailed information will be displayed on the corresponding product page. The house will be available in November and reservations are now available.

The biggest advantage is INON's original TTL converter. Since the converter is accurately developed and calibrated for underwater environments based on the INON strobe protocol, it provides highly accurate TTL exposure.  

The TTL converter also provides successful results for second-curtain synchronization  

The converter allows manual control of the strobe output from the camera. The flash output can be set on the flash without leaving the housing, so as not to miss the right time to shoot with different lighting effects.  

Unlike manual flash mode, this converter provides accurate exposure and supports high-speed continuous shooting at "12 frames per second*". The TTL converter strives to reduce power consumption and can run 100,000 photos with only two CR2032 button batteries.  

Demonstration of underwater high-speed continuous shooting  

Vacuum leak sensor (PAT. P)

The PAT.P leak sensor ensures that the housing is sealed within 5 minutes before diving. INON's unique program switches between pre-dive/dive mode and will not issue false warnings during the dive.

The housing is equipped with a quick-installation accessory that allows quick switching between horizontal/vertical camera orientation. Since the lighting position remains the same, shoot the vertical composition with proper lighting. The fast system also allows the use of vertical composition for low-angle shots.

The patented MRS control system is further developed. The second-generation MRS provides fewer clicks and playback functions, and can use the camera's focus peaking function when focusing manually.

The optional viewfinder provides the same magnification as the camera viewfinder (1.0x) and expands its point of view. There are two options to choose from: the "linear viewfinder unit ll7" or the angled "45 degree viewfinder unit III", which can be selected according to the shooting conditions.

It is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy and adopts ultra-precision casting manufacturing technology to integrate design, weight and durability into higher dimensions. Casting manufacturing technology can realize thin plates with complex bending designs that cannot be achieved by machining. The lightweight and durable aluminum alloy body achieves reliability, durability and controllability even in harsh waters.

TTL converter, vacuum leak sensor, handle, tray, quick mounting bracket, all these functions are standard.