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2021-11-12 11:17:05 By : Mr. Junnis Choi

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BLASTRITE is the largest manufacturer and distributor of abrasive particles for the surface treatment industry in South Africa, providing a series of products suitable for various surface treatment applications in the corrosion control process.

There are several factors to consider when selecting abrasives for sandblasting applications, and Blastrite can help with abrasives and technical expertise in this area.

When choosing abrasives, the following factors should be considered:-

Blastrite can help advise on the correct size, shape and type of abrasive. Abrasives such as Blastrite Platinum Grit®, Microblast Garnet®, steel grit, steel shot, glass grit, glass beads and alumina can be used to achieve the desired effect.

Blastrite has 40 years of surface treatment experience and can provide the best abrasive for the application to achieve the desired effect.

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