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2021-11-22 09:52:54 By : Mr. Yuanlin Zhang

With a capacity of 13 1 and the option of optically ready slides, the very concealed Kimber R7 Mako is competitive in the field of miniature and compact.

R7 Mako was launched in August and is a 9mm forward shot with a polymer frame. In terms of specifications, its overall length is only 6.2 inches, 4.3 inches high and 1 inch wide. The most basic weight is 19.5 ounces.   

This puts the new dual-stack ultra-compact Kimber in the same category as the Sig Sauer P365 and Springfield Armory Hellcat series.   

Kimber said that the R7 is specifically designed to be reliable, and the rear-mounted barrel locking lug can reduce the barrel's unlocking angle, thereby creating a consistent round appearance and low recoil.

In the past month, we have loaded more than 500 rounds of factory-loaded 9mm ammunition for our test Mako. Most of them are Winchester Bulk (American Valor) 124 NATO FMJ, mixed with some 115 and 147 particles loaded. Some lacquered steel materials from the eastern part of Warsaw and several boxes of 20-round Browning (147 X-Point) and Winchester (US Ready Defense 124 P) defensive ammunition were thrown in. The total number of firearm-related failures is two, and the two FTEs in the first bullet have crappy old Tula steel shells.  

Equipped with what Kimber calls the "Performance Carry Trigger", the out-of-the-box weight is set between 5 and 6.75 pounds. We found that it has a smooth and consistent pull force and completely broke through with a weight of about 5.2 pounds in the test. Using the safety insertion rod in the aluminum shoe, it will break and it has a short and audible reset that the user can feel. 

View this trigger operation video:   

Using a 3.37-inch stainless steel barrel with a 1:10 LH twist, and equipped with excellent TruGlo Tritium Pro Nights, with an orange front ring and white back point, if the optics are installed, we find that the R7 is very accurate, especially its size.  

Few stones can be thrown in the direction of R7. Although the grip texture and ergonomics are great, the sliding serrations are very shallow and get worse when wet or muddy. From the side, you would think that the red dot would be embarrassing to carry, but in fact, I found that the front edge of the very high TruGlo rear sight is the most "side-burning" when carrying it. 

Another complaint is that although Kimber’s ejection port structure makes it less dirty on the shooting range than some other designs, when the red dot is hidden under the clothes, it quickly becomes turbid and becomes a magnet for sand and dust.  

The suggested retail price of the R7 Mako OI is US$799-but with a red dot-while the standard model without Crimson Trace is US$599. When stacked with the micro 9mm of some other manufacturers, it will fall into the high end of the competition. Nevertheless, it is made in the United States and not imported from Brazil or Croatia, so it stings a bit. 

Finally, considering that it is on a polymer frame gun, this is finicky, but when the CT1500 is removed, the red dot cover that slides into the top of the slide is polymer.   

At the end of the 500 round of evaluations, the advantages of the R7 Mako far outweighed the disadvantages, and proved that the gun was reliable, accurate, easy to use, and well carried in daily activities. It is easy to remove and requires very little such work. 

Please stay tuned, because our goal is to expand Kimber R7 Mako to 1K or higher.

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