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2022-10-01 10:21:17 By : Ms. Tracy Lei

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Issue 210 October 2022 - Future Industry

gasworld US Edition, Vol 60, No 10 (October) - Digitzation & Distributors

By Tom Dee 2022-09-22T20:55:00+01:00

With lunch out of the way, delegates returned to their seats to hear how dry ice blasting can save up to 95% of water use.

Diego Loaiza, Director of Dry Ice Manufacturing Applications, at Cold Jet said: “One of the main drivers for CO2 is as a replacement method for cleaning.”

“What you’re doing with CO2 is replacing harmful chemicals and other methods of cleaning.”

“One of the big factors that’s coming out in today’s markets and economies is the use of clean water.”

There are some studies that suggest that two-thirds of the world’s population will suffer from hydrate stress, meanwhile the cost of water has increasing by 60% in the last decade.

“It takes 13,000 litres of water to clean an aircraft, but switching to dry cleaning could decrease that usage by 95%.”

The session focussed on cryogenics and the cold chain with Loaiza honing in on sustainability.

Delegates, on the sixth floor of the Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mil, also heard how the cold storage market has seen strong growth.

“We’ve seen exponential growth in the last few years,” said Loaiza, “It was $233bn in 2020 and by 2025 it’s going to be $300bn.

“Other applications such as food and beverage e-commerce, is growing by 17.6% and cell and gene therapy will require shipping and stored at very low temperatures, -60 degrees celsius to -196 degrees celcius.

Within the presentation, Loaiza shared case studies of how dry ice blasting has reduced machine cleaning time for a multi-national baking company by 50% and with no water use.

“One of the main drivers for our technology is to keep investing in R&D so our machines become more efficient in the way they use liquid CO2.”

“We are currently in the process of adding recovery systems, which is something very exciting.”

Loaiza concluded, “What we’re trying to do is build a circular economy around dry ice by reducing N2O emissions, fuel usage, the use of clean water, landfill waste and additional CO2 emissions by recovering industrial and biogas CO2.”

Delegates has their first taster of parallel sessions at gasworld’s CO2 Summit in Chicago last week. On Wednesday morning (22nd September), delegates heard that traditional CO2 sources are diminishing, and withstanding sources are suffering, and that more plants are now needed to keep up with demand.

Without carbon capture, the worldwide fleet of coal and gas power plants would need to retire about 23 and 17 years earlier than expected lifetimes, respectively, in order to limit global warming to 1.5 and 2 degrees celsius .

Hypertherm Associates has released a single piece consumable cartridge and cutting torch for its HPRXD® plasma systems to improve consumable management and assembly more efficient.

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