Warframe Update 1.011 November 11 Patch Notes Brings Prime Resurgence Incident

2021-11-12 11:16:33 By : Mr. Evan Zhu

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Digital Extremes has released Warframe update 1.011 on November 11, bringing the Prime Resurgence event and other content and fixes. The following is what we know about the Warframe 1.011 update, which is applicable to the previous and next generation platforms.

Update 30.9.0 is about 2 GB on PS4, and about 2.3 GB on PS5 (the size is expected to vary depending on how the system runs). 

A major revival is coming to us...

We will launch Prime Resurgence for a limited time on November 16th! This event provides Tenno with a timetable for the release of Vaulted Prime. Tenno, the imminent war is approaching day by day. A new (but familiar face to some people?), Varzia Dax, has the opportunity to strengthen your armory with Prime items that have been Vaulted for a long time.

We first announced that we are considering hosting a Prime Vault event on Devstream 156-and Prime Resurgence is like that! This is our first attempt to provide an alternative to Prime Vault: a one-stop shop with access to Vaulted Prime content and relics through a completely transparent schedule, giving players time to plan.  

Varzia, the Dax from the old war, will appear in Maroo's Bazaar on all platforms on November 16th, with a large number of Prime products for you to get. You can use Aya to buy relics from her merchandise (free path), or use Regal Aya (purchase path) to instantly access Prime items and bundles.

What are Aya and Regal Aya? 

These are the currencies used to purchase items from Varzia!

Aya is an earned currency and a free way for you to obtain Prime items through the in-game relic system. It is a resource that can be used to exchange Void Relics and other non-premium items in Varzia merchandise. Aya can be found in quests (Void or Bounty), or has a chance to appear in relic packs that can be purchased with Platinum or Syndicate reputation on the market.

Regal Aya is a premium currency (similar to platinum, but not tradable) that gives you instant access to Prime Warframe, weapons, accessories, and bundles in Varzia merchandise. It can be purchased in the market or online storefront.

We have a very detailed development seminar/FAQ that explains how this event was formed, including an introduction to Regal Aya. In short, the Prime Vault program has undergone many changes over the years, all of which are driven by player feedback and requests.

The theme of these changes is to provide more choices and faster access to the Vaulted Prime rotation. This is where Prime Resurgence comes in. Please read our developer seminar for more information, otherwise you will enjoy the largest Prime Vault ever opened, providing a significantly simplified process for developers and players!

PRIME Recovery will take place from November 16, 2021 to January 25, 2022!

New player/early player experience changes introduce "TENNO Guide"!

A new UI notification has been added to the Orbiter, which is a continuous reminder of the mission to help guide the new Tenno to the next step. Many new players will feel confused after completing the Vor's Prize, and this lasting reminder will tell them what to do next! This can be disabled at any time in the menu under Options> Interface> Show Tenno Guide!

We are changing the manufacturing requirements of the hot sword so that it requires nerve electrodes instead of nerve sensors. Initially, this was to motivate players to explore new nodes, but we hope to let players master better equipment sooner! This change is smaller than most changes, but it is of great significance to new players who want to upgrade to close combat as soon as possible.

Reduced the production time of the Rising Tide mission

In March 2021, we made the Channel Starship more accessible by reducing the time required for crafting resources and building the Channel Starship. Now, we will once again reduce the production time of each part from 1 hour to 1 minute. As the Channel Starship becomes an important part of the game, we hope that this change will allow new players to quickly complete "The Ebb and Flow" and prepare the Channel Starship for future battles!

This change has two aspects: reducing the production cost of amplifier components, and reducing the permanent cost of purchasing components. Our goal is to make it easier for players to build amplifiers by reducing resource requirements. This is firmly rooted in the role of upgrading your amplifiers to perform well in major tasks such as sacrifice and to participate in the focus tree related content. The following are the changes:

Any unspecified production components maintain their current cost. Reduced the cost of refined ore/gem blueprints in the Plains of Eidolon

In order to match our changes to Amp production, the permanent cost of refined ore and gem blueprints from the Plains of Eidolon has been adjusted. The following are the new fees:

Sentient core prestige blueprint changes (new since the initial development workshop)

In addition to the changes that have been noticed to amplifiers and ores/gems, we have also increased the rewards of Sentient core prestige and revised the Exceptional Sentient core conversion blueprint. Those who have just started their Quills journey should find that this allows them to pass the syndicate faster to reach a higher level of product.

Increase the reputation return of Sentient Core:

The outstanding Sentient core conversion blueprint changes:

Players with excellent Sentient core conversion blueprint production only need to spend 2 complete cores, and can get 10 excellent core gifts at once. Bank mistakes are in your favor!

Necramech drop rate and production cost changes

Necramechs has begun to play an important role in the system-from being part of the channel starship experience to a great tool in our open world. Although their firepower provides an advantage, the time and resource investment required to obtain firepower has proven to be a deterrent to new players. As the new war approaches, our goal is to reduce the initial friction and provide easier access.

Enemy Necramech now has a 50% chance to drop Necramech parts, evenly distributed. The battle required to defeat the enemy Necramech is neither easy nor easy. Increased access to Necramech parts helps reduce the time investment required to gather the necessary parts to build your first Necramech.

In addition, we halved the cost of most of the mining/fishing parts for making Voidrig, because this is the "first" Necramech players have seen in the Deimos Heart mission, so we want to make it easier to obtain. Bonewidow was retained as a long-term goal.

Voidrig casing: Adramal alloy: from 120 to 60 Star Necrathene: from 16 to 8 Venerdo alloy: from 40 to 20

Voidrig Engine Tempered Bapholite: from 100 to 50 Biofilter: from 2 to 1

Voidrig Capsule: Spinal cord part: from 30 to 15 Marquise Veridos: from 20 to 10

Voidrig Weapon Pod: Biological filter: from 6 to 3 Thaumatological distillate: from 80 to 40 Charc Electroplax: from 45 to 25

Kubrow's Howl quest changes

We have shortened the survival mission in Quest from 10 minutes to 5 minutes. We will provide more Kubrow's Howling changes to the console later-they missed this update window!

Additional new player experience changes

New WARFRAME enhancements (highest stats) Arm yourself with these new Warframe enhancements for Trinity, Lavos and Xaku!

Trinity-Champion's Blessing (Blessing Augment) Get the primary and secondary critical strike chance for 12 seconds. The allies you heal each increase by 350%.

*Buy syndicate reputation from the new Loka or Perrin sequence!

Lavos-Swift Bite (Ophidian Bite Augment) When at least 4 enemies are hit, the skill cooldown is reduced by 4 seconds. Ophidian Bite's skill range increased by 30%.

*Buy from Red Veil or New Loka to gain group prestige!

Xaku – Vampiric Grasp (Grasp Of Lohk Augment) When a stolen weapon causes damage to an enemy affected by The Lost: Gaze or The Vast Untime, Xaku heals for 25 points.

*Buy syndicate reputation from Steel Meridian or Central Suda!

Xaku – The Relentless Lost (The Lost Augment) Casting The Lost increases The Lost's skill power by 35%. If you can cast the same ability twice, the reward can be stacked up to 3 times and reset.

*Buy syndicate reputation from Steel Meridian or Central Suda! Form master level changes:

When we first launched Forma many years ago, Warframe was a much smaller game. We have fewer weapons, fewer Warframes, and fewer Mods. As players continue their Forma journey, they often discuss how to achieve quality of life (QOL) delivery through our favorite Golden Puzzle Piece.

We want to consider your mastery level when using Forma to establish a baseline strength level for your playable characters!

If players who are proficient in level 30 use Forma, they won't have to re-unlock any abilities (or their level) for a given item! Yes, they still need to upgrade the equipment itself to apply another Forma, but, depending on your mastery level, you can get more (or all) abilities on unleveled equipment! This achieves our goal of keeping Forma essential for building customization, but making the experience more convenient for players with higher proficiency levels.

Now, using Forma on Warframe (or Archwing/Necramech) requires you to start from 0 when it comes to the abilities you can use. In addition, you can only get the first level of the first ability. Take Valkyr as an example. You installed a Forma, and then you went back to playing Rip Line without a level!

Our changes will make your mastery level affect the amount of unlocked by default when you use Forma. Take our Valkyr as an example. With this change, a proficient level 10 player will unlock all her abilities after applying Forma to her, although not doing her best!

This ranking process is what players have already experienced in the game-when you upgrade your Valkyr to 10 on Hydron, you unlock the hysteria. We are making your proficiency level "match" these milestones, so to speak, the ultimate goal is that players with proficiency level 30 can use Forma without being locked out of ability. In short, the higher your proficiency level, the higher the baseline of your equipment when using Forma.

*New content since the development workshop: Feedback and continuous dialogue after the development workshop adds another related change to reach the proficiency level 30:

Attack and Arbitration now allow Mastery Level 30 players who have placed at least 1 Forma into Warframe to bypass the "Level 30 Warframe" requirement. 

The idea behind these changes in mind control is driven by the amount of investment in this single goal, and get more returns in your favor. 

Psychic Bolts Although this change is small and provides more visual cues, the goal here is to provide better presentation/feedback when Psychic Bolts are connected to the target. 

Complete UI re-skinning and repair: We have some re-skinned UI screens for you to watch! Some of them have been online in previous hot fixes, but we have listed them here for full exposure.

Decoration mode changes-basic and advanced modes:

Warframe decoration tools are all about customization. We value this quality. However, the learning curve for new players can be very steep. Tools like Surface Snapping and Rotation Axis are great for ambitious decorators who have a special vision for their orbiters and dojos, but they may make Tenno unfamiliar with decorating.

Our goal is to resolve this difference! UI improvements and more discussed below include improvements for new and experienced decorators.

Introducing basic and advanced modes

In order to adapt to different decoration methods, we created two different models. The UI team also polished and pezaz the decorative menu!

Basic mode only provides basic tools: place, move, remove, copy, rotate and zoom

The advanced mode contains all the custom-centric tools that the decorator has been familiar with and used proficiently.

Some of the decorative controls on the controller are adopted from Archwing and Railjack. We have decoupled these functions to create decoration-specific controls!

The following are the biggest key binding changes for PlayStation:

We also refreshed the UI design as a whole with this change. Enjoy the new look that improves readability with Warframe flares!

The personal decoration menu will display a 3D decoration preview, allowing the decorator to rotate the decoration before placing the decoration instead of a static image. Currently, this feature is only available for personal decorations.

Now all decorations are expandable

In the past, only Dojo Decorations was extensible. You can also scale personal decorations now! From the dojo to the orbiter, Tenno can customize the size of the decoration.

Dojo improvements: the introduction of arrival gates

You can now control where Tenno spawns in your dojo! Place an arrival door and Tenno will appear there when they visit. Dojos that do not reach the gate will use the current spawning system by default.

Sister Hound / Weapon / Lich Weapon Foundry "Sales" function:

If you participate in an opponent hunt along with the Kuva Skeleton and the Little Witch, your foundry may encounter some inevitable chaos. The number of hounds and weapons in the foundry takes up space not only in your list, but also in the database itself!

To alleviate this chaos, you can now sell hounds and/or rival weapons directly from your foundry without having to claim the item and use the slots, thus giving yourself some points! Clean up your (H)Foundry. Otis' order!

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