Q6922 H beam shot blasting machine

Q69 Type Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine For Steel Profiles Q69 Type Roller conveyor shot blasting machines are mainly used for treating long and/or flat components. The components continuously pass through the pre chamber, the blasting chamber, and the cleaning chamber on a special roller conveyor. Highly efficient tur

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Q69 Type Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine For Steel Profiles 
Q6922 Shot Blasting Machine for H Beam

Q6922 Shot Blasting Machine for H Beam

Q69 Type Roller conveyor shot blasting machines are mainly used for treating long and/or flat components. The components continuously pass through the pre chamber, the blasting chamber, and the cleaning chamber on a special roller conveyor. Highly efficient turbines fixed on the machine housing make it possible to treat the components on all sides.
Q6922 Shot Blasting Machine for H Beam
1Max. Workpiece size (L*W*H)10000*2000*1000 mm
2Chamber open size (W*H)2200*1200 mm
3Max. Workpiece weight5 T
4Finish levelCan achieve Sa2 .5 (GB8923-88)
5Processing speed0.5-1.5 m/min (Frequency conversion variable speed)
6Surface roughness30~75 μ (Depend on abrasive size)
7Suggest abrasive
(User prepare)
Steel cut wire, casting alloy shot: Φ0.5~1.5, abrasive supply valve max. flow: 500 kg/min. Abrasive loss: 0.15-0.25 kg/h/pcs. First loading: ~4000 kg.
8Electric power supply380V, 3P, 50HZ or customized
9Pit requirementWaterproof
Q6922 Shot Blasting Machine for H Beam
Q6922 Shot Blasting Machine for H Beam

1. Application
Q6922 shot blasting machine is a specially designed machine used in the surface cleaning for various jobs. It can realize the shot blasting automatically.

 2 Components and function
Q6922 shot blasting machine consists of roller conveyor system, blasting system, abrasive circulation system (separator, bucket elevator, screw conveyor), dust collection system, and electric control system. The surface finish level is Sa2.5.

2.1 Conveyor system
It consists of loading and unloading rollers, chamber rollers, connecting rollers.
Rollers in the blasting cabinet are protected by special alloy jacket with lifetime over 4,000 hours.
Conveyor system is driven by motors with inverter. Rollers can be controlled manually and automatically.
Step-less speed is available. Roller conveyor could move in step with the whole machine or move faster.

2.2 Shot blasting system
Shot blasting system consists of auxiliary chambers, blasting chamber and shot blasting machine assembly. The abrasive media like the steel shots, grits are applied on the metal surface driven by the centrifugal force from the blades. Workpieces will be de-rusted, cleaned and roughened in blasting system to reach customer's finishing level.

2.1 Auxiliary chamber
There are 5-7 layers of wear-resisting rubber curtain in it. The suspension type makes the exchange and access easier. The seal ability is excellent. No dust would be leaked out because of the negative pressure formed by the dust collector fan.

2.2 Blasting chamber

In the blasting chamber, the wall is protected by SPMn13 material liner and 65Mn protective liner, which has high wear resistant performance. Chamber inside protection plate all adopt the high strength nut fixed and pressure on the inner of blasting chamber, easy tear open outfit replacement. Prolong service life, reduce the cost and reduce maintenance frequency. The steel abrasive fall down freely and collected by screw conveyor.

2.3 Shot blasting machine assembly
This machine has 10 sets of high speed & performance blast wheels. Material of blades, control cage and distributor is Cr20S high-chromium, which has long service life. The lifetime of blade is over 500 hours, and lifetime of impeller and control cage is over 2000 hours. All wear parts are the market most universal national standard parts.

2.3.1 Screw conveyor
Screw conveyor consists of cycloid needle wheel decelerator, screw axis, conveyor shell, bearing, etc. It is a
standard conveying device and an important part of abrasive circulating system. The screw blade is made of 16 Mn.

This unit is responsible for conveying the abrasive to the elevator. Screw conveyor located at the bottom of shot blasting chamber, the spiral blade welding in the drive shaft. Conveyor motor drives screw conveyor to send abrasive to discharge outlet, then the mixed abrasive will be conveyed to elevator bottom.

On both ends of the screw conveyor adopt triple seal protection. the abrasive and dust will drop to the clearance between end plate and bearing once leak out, will not enter the bearing. Screw conveyor shaft with sensors detecting unit can detect the working state.

2.3.2 Bucket elevator
Consists of cycloid needle wheel decelerator, upper and bottom barrel, belt, bucket and tensioning device, etc. Housing of bucket elevator is welded of steel plate. There is a checking door for maintenance and replacing buckets at the bottom of the housing.

In operation, the hoppers fixed on the conveyor belt bring the abrasive to the top, then put down the abrasive to separator. Using polyester wire core special belt, with the function of high strength, high tensile properties. Pulley use squirrel cage structure, avoiding scattered abrasive embed to the gap between the pulley and belt, affecting transmission. There is 10% design Margin for elevator capacity. Because the hoist falls abrasive by centrifugal gravity, part of the material will fall back into the hoist every time. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the lifting capacity appropriately.

2.3.3 Separator
This machine uses most advanced full screen curtain air selection separator which includes selecting area, rotary screen drum, conveying screw, overfall sensor, abrasive stock bin and abrasive controlling valve. The abrasives mixture is conveyed into the separator screw via the elevator. Then the abrasive/sand mixture is carried out of the separator by the inner screw of the screening drum. The outer screw of the screening drum distributes the mixture along the separating are baffler of separator. Separating efficiency can reach 99.5%.

2.4 Dust removal system
The dust removal system consists of ducting system and filter cartridge dust collector. The emission standard can be lower 80 g/m3. Dust removal system includes cartridge filter, fan, motor, air duct, etc. It is the final dust collecting system. Stable and easy operation, low noise, high efficiency and easy maintenance. The fan power is 30 kw, ventilation quantity is 26000 m3/h. Pulse blowback dust removing, cartridge can be easily removed for cleaning then re-use.

Q6922 Shot Blasting Machine for H Beam
Q6922 Shot Blasting Machine for H BeamQ6922 Shot Blasting Machine for H Beam
1Q: How many days to produce this machine?
A: Some standard machines in stock, can be delivered right away after your deposit. 
Customized specially designed machine according to your specific requirement.
From engineer designing to production completion, it needs about 30 to 50 days.
2Q: What does your factory do regarding quality control?
A: We pay much attention to quality control from the very beginning to the end. Each machine is assembled and carefully tested before shipment.  
3Q: What's your machine quality guarantee?
A: Quality guarantee time is one year. We choose world famous brand components to keep our machine in perfect working condition.
4Q: Could you give installation and commissioning overseas? How long will it take?
A: Yes, we supply overseas service, customers shall pay for the engineers flight tickets and local transport, hotel, food. 
Small machines usually takes 5 days, while big machines usually takes about 20 days even one or two months. 
5Q: How can I trust you to deliver the right machine as I ordered?
A: We will absolutely deliver a good quality machine as we discussed and confirmed in the order. The core of our company culture is innovation, quality, integrity and efficiency. Puhua is ALIBABA's Golden supplier with BV assessment. You can check with ALIBABA. We have never got complaint from our customers.


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